Jazz legend Wayne Shorter to Perform at UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival

April 12th, 2012

from greeleytribune.com

Jazz legend Wayne Shorter to perform at UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival
By: Dan England

When Wayne Shorter comes to the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival on April 20 as one of the most iconic artists to perform during the three-day event in recent memory, don’t expect a greatest-hits tour.

Yes, Shorter is 78, and he’s a jazz legend — someone who had as much influence on the music as anyone still living. Some, in fact, call him the greatest living jazz composer, and yet Dana Landry, director of jazz studies at the University of Northern Colorado, believes it’s his playing that makes him stand out.

At his age, with an established, hall-of-fame reputation, well, that’s exactly a time when many artists choose to make some money touring rather than innovating. Michelle Mercer of Colorado Springs, Shorter’s biographer, wanted to write about him not only because he was a fascinating character, but because she saw a chance to document a huge chunk of the recent history of jazz and American music.

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