Wayne Shorter/BBC Concert Orchestra "...an explosive finale to a day celebrating his work"

November 20th, 2013


Wayne Shorter/BBC Concert Orchestra/ACS – review
By: John Fordham

The embrace of a classical orchestra can be a dangerously domesticating temptation for a jazz musician. The trick to making it work seems to be to jazz-infuse the classical band, rather than overly schmooze the jazz. That’s what the still-inspired Wayne Shorter pulled off with astonishing aplomb at the EFG London jazz festival, when his famous quartet was joined by the BBC Concert Orchestra under Clark Rundell. The foursome had played a tightly eventful but untypically brief first half, but the reason for their frugality was clear in the second, when the 80-year-old saxophonist/composer finally let his conserved energies rip.

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